Area FAQs

How many folks live at the airpark?

There are currently 28 hangar/homes or hangar/apartments at the airpark.


Do you have to be a pilot or own an airplane to live there?

Not at all.  Anyone’s welcome to live and play at Holley Mountain Airpark.   Even if you’re not a pilot, or you are and don’t currently own an airplane, it’s a wonderful gated community with a close-knit group of neighbors (who all just happen to be aviation geeks).  Our little airport is quiet, laid back and surrounded by forest.


What are the HOA dues?

The HOA dues for 1087 Mustang is $1,700 per year. 


The airpark does not accept any grant money from the FAA.  Why not?

2A2 is a privately owned/public use airport specifically designed for residential use.  All our operating expenses are funded through the assessments paid by property owners.  Additionally, by NOT receiving federal or state funds, the airpark is not subject to the many onerous rules and stipulations that could be imposed by accepting such grants.  


You’re under an MOA.  How does that work?

Other than the occasional sound of fighter jet training waaaay *up there*, we seldom notice the MOA.  The floor of the Shirley MOA is 10,000 feet.   2A2 Pattern altitude is 2200 feet giving us plenty of room to play.  For instrument ops, the IAF is 3700 feet.


Is there a mechanic on field?

Westfall Aviation is housed on-field.  Tom is an excellent and talented award-winning mechanic who specializes in aircraft restoration and vintage aircraft maintenance.  Additionally, several of our residents are A&P’s who service their own aircraft.  Plus, there are several homebuilders on field along with the collective knowledge of our local EAA Chapter members.  Down the hill at Clinton Municipal you’ll find Dawson Aircraft, an airplane salvage company, with several mechanics, hundreds of salvaged air frames and a warehouse full of parts.   If you happen to own a radial engine airplane KCCA is home to Airmotive, Inc., re-builder of classic radial engines.  


What about fuel? 

Fuel is not currently available at 2A2.  However, 100LL is available at nearby KCCA (Clinton) and 7M2 (Mountain View Wilcox).  If your airplane prefers ethanol-free MoGas, several local gas stations can accommodate.


Why right traffic for runway 23?

North Little Rock Air Force Base, about 45nm south of the airpark, is the USAF’s training facility for C-130 Hercules cargo planes and crews.  A training route used by the base passes just to the south and east of the airpark.  So, in the interest of safety and in agreement with the base, 2A2 traffic remains north of the field - left downwind 05/right downwind 23 (thus the name of our website "").   C-130 flight crews do an excellent job of announcing location, direction and altitude.  In fact, one of our airpark residents is a pilot/instructor at the base. As a bonus, catching a glimpse of C-130’s passing by at low altitude from our living room or kitchen is a pretty cool sight to see!

Are there any female pilots at 2A2?

Yes!  Several.  (That C-130 pilot/instructor, mentioned above, being one.)    


Can I land or take off at night?

The runway is available 24/7 with pilot controlled lighting including REILs, VASI’s, PAPI’s, runway edge lighting and rotating beacon.


KCCA, Clinton Municipal Airport, is only 3.5nm miles away.  Do you have traffic conflicts?

Not at all.  Remember, we’re on a “mountain” – a big hill, really.  KCCA is 750 feet lower in altitude, so conflicts are not an issue.  The two airports share the same Unicom frequency at 122.70, so everyone’s aware of traffic at either airport at all times.   As a bonus, KCCA’s runway is virtually perpendicular to 2A2 so if wind is a little too strong up here there’s always the option to land *down there*.  KCCA also now has it’s own IFR approach, as well.


How many lots are unsold?

All lots originally for sale by the developer have been sold.  


Are there any plans to expand the airpark?



What’s the story about the flags?

People from all over the US have come to Holley Mountain Airpark.  Flag Hill represents the home states of the property owners who bought lots here.  It’s a lovely greeting as you enter the airpark!  


Clinton is a small town.  Is there a hospital nearby?

Ozark Health Medical Center is only 10 miles from the airpark located on the south side of Clinton on highway 65.  The 143 bed, 100,000 square foot $18 million facility recently completed an expansion and offers a full complement of medical services including a 24/7 emergency room, surgical suites, and the very latest in state-of-the-art medical technology and equipment including MRI, digital radiology, CT scan, ultrasound and mammography.   For more info, click here.  For more specialized treatment, both Conway and Little Rock has an extensive selection of hospitals and clinics including Baptist Health Complex, Arkansas Children’s Hospital, and UAMSHealth (University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences).  NEW - Construction on Baptist Health Medical Center - Conway was recently completed on a 260,000 square foot facility with 111 beds and eight operating rooms.  


What about shopping?

Wal-Mart Super Center, Tractor Supply Company, Cash Saver Grocery, Davis Cash Lumber and Hardware, Gary Pack Lumber and Hardware, Radio Shack, Faye’s Diamond Mine, and a variety of other stores, shops, restaurants, and services are in Clinton.  Conway, about 45 minutes drive south, has all the major box stores (Sam’s Club, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond, Ross, TJ Maxx, Petco, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Best Buy…you get the idea).  And Little Rock is about an hour from the airpark for even more shopping, restaurants and entertainment.  

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